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Links to Information on Niger/Mali


  • World Factbook, Niger entry
  • World Factbook, Mali entry
  • Wikipedia, Niger entry
  • Wikipedia, Mali entry
  • BBC News Country Profile, Niger entry
  • BBC News Country Profile, Mali entry
  • Lonely Planet, entry
  • U.S. State Department, Niger entry
  • U.S. State Department, Mali entry
  • UNICEF Country Profile, Niger entry
  • UNICEF Country Profile, Mali entry
  • CARE International, Niger entry
  • CARE International, Mali entry
  • IRIN – Niger, site (humanitarian news & analysis)
  • Friends of Niger, site

Additional information on Water Scarcity and Global Issues

The 2005 Food Crisis and the international response

Food and Water Insecurity, Global Climate Change

  • World Health Organization, Water entry
  • World Bank, Water Security entry
  • USAID Famine Early Warning Systems Network, Niger entry and 2008 report
  • USAID Famine Early Warning Systems Network, West Africa Food Security Alert
  • Food Crisis Prevention Network, report
  • IRIN, Niger water access article
  • IRIN, global food & water crisis report
  • Canadian Red Cross, article
  • World Bank, video
  • Eden Foundation, report
  • Al Jazeera, article and video
  • IRIN, global water crisis report

Additional Resource Sites

  • World Water Council, site
  • International Office for Water, site
  • UN Environment Programme: GEMS/Water, site
  • UNESCO World Water Assessment Program, site
  • Stockholm International Water Institute, site

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Journey Across USA w Christina Lange and Amman Imman

Journey Across
the United States
with Christina Lange
and Amman Imman


A Walk For Water 2014

Children in China
reach beyond borders
to help the Azawak

Lisa Wexler Interviews Ariane Kirtley

WFAS Radio Personality
Lisa Wexler Interviews
Ariane Kirtley

Amman Imman Annocunces New Borehole Completion in Couloubade, Niger

Ariane's Update:
Thank you
Wells of Love Students,
Teachers and Parents!


Peace for
People on
Peace Day


Ariane Kirtley is interviewed on France24 News

Ariane Kirtley interview on
France 24 TV: a
humanitarian's viewpoint
on recent terrorist activities
and threats in Niger


Ariane's Accounts from
her Initial Sojourn into
the Remote Azawak.


Ariane Kirtley is
Changing Lives:
AI Founder Featured
in Major New Book.

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